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He Threatened Miami Dolphins Undefeated Season In Super Bowl VII

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As the football season comes to a close, thoughts often turn to
memorable games gone by .... like the Miami Dolphins undefeated
season of 1972.

Set in the historical Coliseum of Los Angeles,  the Miami Dolphins
defeated the Washington Redskins 14-17 in Super Bowl VII.  The
irony is that the Dolphins had the chance to go 17-0 and win the
game 17-0, but for a mishap that remains one of the most freakish
and memorable plays in Super Bowl history.

Most every football fan remembers the botched "pass" attempt by
Garo Yepremian, but very few remember the player that caught
Garo's "pass" and returned it 49 yards for a touchdown. That player
was Mike Bass, the right cornerback for the Redskins.

Garo passed away a few years ago, but the memory of that play remains among the top 10 plays in Super Bowl history.   Now, though, you can
get autographs from Mike Bass and also get a part of NFL history.  


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