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We Offer 2 Different HOT Product Lines



1. Genusity Advertising Network - Beacon Advertising

Our Genusity Advertising Network is one of the most powerful ways to get your Ad seen. We combine two powerful ways of advertising together. Your Beacon will transmit your graphic ad to all devices within its set radius. Then, our system sends your graphic ad out online in a 50 mile radius from the location of your Beacon and/or zip code. This is called Radius Targeted Online Advertising. With these 2 technologies we can GUARANTEE you views of your Ads.

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2. Genusity CBD Product Line

Our Genusity CBD line-up is the most cost effective, highest quality CBD products in the industry. The results people are experiencing with CBD are incredible! Here at Genusity, we offer the lowest cost per mg CBD Oil in the Network Marketing industry. Our CBD line-up includes everything from Nano Patches to great tasting Oils. Genusity's CBD products are a MUST try and are backed by a full 30 day money back guarantee***! 

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TRUST ME ...this is a most Remarkable Business to make GOOD Money !

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Ron Rowland