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Play This Scavenger Hunt to Research Business Ideas

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Do you see yourself as an adventurer, a misfit, or an odd-ball?
But deep inside, you dream of starting an online business?
You are sure your friends will laugh at you. Yet.....?
You wish you could just figure out where to safely start!

Then my Scavenger Hunt game is just for you!

Choose a Virtual Guide you think is most like YOU, and she'll take you
on a Scavenger Hunt for key info about 7 businesses so you can
discern what kind of business idea might be best for you.
Answer a few quiz questions after each visit for a chance to win
a free e-book, "40 Online Business Ideas" for even more ideas!

Stay on my mailing list and I'll guide you by an email course
as you decide, and get your business up and running in simple steps.
Try this twist on an old-fashioned Scavenger Hunt!