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Crypto Booost is a progressive 2x fully automated crypto currency builder (no Tier can hold more than Two Positions). 

We use an extraordinary PIF, pay it forward, strategy to amass massive amounts of primarily Bitcoin as well as the ability to add hundreds of other Altcoiins.

There are three components to our progressive completely automated system: 

1. Instant Payouts - receive instant payouts direct to your wallet of choice. 
2. PIF - we utilize a robust PIF'ing or Pay It Forward system to catapult your success (we recommend PIF'ing your first 2 or more immediately, at small cost that you soon get back many, many times fold plus, auto advancement to the next higher paying Tiers). 
3. Finally, and most important of all, our system intelligently tracks and pays all who PIF faster, as NO Tier can hold more than 2 positions before generating a payout.  Remember, everything else is spillover (our system is the fastes known spillover producing algorithm devised).