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100% FREE Lead System

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1.  Send emails to Targeted Members Every 3 Days

2.  Send An Extra 300 Emails To Other People's Downlines Every 3 Days

3.  Get 5 Credits for Clicking On Text Links

4.  Get 5 Credits for Clicking On Banner Ads

5.  Get 20 Credits When You Use Twitter To Tell Your Followers About The Lead Magnet

6.  Get 15 Credits For Reading Emails

7.  Get 40 Credits For Reading Solo Ads

8.  Get 500 Credits Just For Watching The Welcome Video That Shows You How to Get The Most Out Your Free Lead Magnet Membership

9.  Get 200 Credits Just 4 Using a Gmail Address

10.  Get 50 to 200 Credits For Watching The Member's Only Training Videos

11.  Get 100 Credits For Every Free Lead Magnet Membership You Give Away

12.  Get 100% Commission on Every Other Upgrade 

        (You'll Get The FULL Amount of Every Other Upgrade INSTANTLY Deposited Into Your Paypal Account)

13.  If You Want Specialized Promotional Tools to Build Your Lead Magnet Downline, Just Let Me Know and I Will Create Them for You