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Clout Bucks is the #1 Social Earning Network! Get Paid To Invite Friends!

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So why does this all work?

Are you guys just giving away free money?

We get asked that question alot. You see, we’ve been in the business for over 10 years now. When we first started, we used to pay our affiliates $0.10 for every referral they had. However, since then, our service has grown and the value of our referrals have grown.

When you invite or refer a friend to our site, you are building the exposure of our site, which increases ad revenue. As our ad revenue and popularity increases, we pay you for the traffic you brought to our site ($10 for every referral). On top of this, members get paid by our partners through additional surveys and offers that they can complete to earn even more.

In conclusion, we pay you with money we receive from our sponsors and our ad revenue. Ready to start earning? Get started now!

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