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We have chosen to participate in a very promising opportunity the likes
of which I have not witnessed in my 22 years of networking. When I
decided to participate back in July, I had no idea that the project take
this long to develop. I'm also sure that Ash did not anticipate that it 
would take this long. However, here is the bottom line. Most of the
work has been done and we are much closer to the finish line than
we were 6 months ago. This post from fellow Founder Doug Barbour
is right on....

"Welcome Early Bird Founders...Put on your blinders and stay positive, 
take your dreams back off the shelf, because this train is about to leave 
the station. I believe after 30 years in networking, that OnPassive will 
be the ride of my entire life. I am so Blessed to be a part of this awesome
business. GoFounders- GoooOnPassive- The Unlimited Platform Will 
Thrive SOON !!